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cars-reviewsJust recently purchased a new Focus from Mullinax Ford of Apopka Florida. My overall experience was exceptional. Todd Bullington made the car buying experience pleasurable and painless. I couldn't belive the level of attention given by all who helped in my buying experience. I never thought I could get myself into a brand new car and at the monthly payment I wanted. Todd and sales manager Shawn made my car buying dreams come true. Thank you Mullinax.
- Donna
Mullinax Ford in Apopka, FL
facebook_reviewsWell my car worries were warranted. I took my car in today to have it checked. Saturday it had a glitch. For no apparent reason it would not accelerate. I pulled over, turned the car off and then turned it back on. It drove home okay. But I was not comfortable with the way it was driving. They found that the throttle module had gone bad. Thank you Mullinax Ford for fixing it quickly and it now drives the way it should. Best part it was still in warranty so it did not cost me anything other then 90 minutes of reading my book at the dealership.
- Cynthia
Mullinax Ford in Apopka, FL
dealer-raterWe had just purchased a new Expedition and with just over 700 miles it developed a transmission fluid leak. I called Ray Bowen that night and left him a message telling him what had happened. The next morning I called service and spoke with Tony. I told him what had happened and he told me once the car was there he would put it at the top of his list. After speaking with Tony, Ray called me to see if i needed anything. He said once the truck arrived he would over see the repairs and would let me know what was going on. The tow truck arrived and picked up my truck. With in two hours j received a call from Ray who told me the cause of the leak was a faulty seal. He said Tony ordered the seal and put a rush order on it. I then asked Ray if we could get a loaner vehicle and he said sure. My wife arrived at the dealership and Ray quickly got her into the loaner so she could continue with her busy schedule. The next afternoon I had received a call from Ray telling me the truck was fixed and ready for pick up. I was very impressed with the personal attention I and my wife received during this incident. It made us feel that we were the most important customers on the Mullinax property. Thank you again for the high quality of service you provided.
- Brian
Mullinax Ford in Lake Park, FL
dealer-raterOriginally started searching for a F150 online and Mullinax presented me a reasonable price that made me drive to the dealer to get an evaluation for my trade. Had a good experience with sales people and excellent cust. service while I was there. Financial dept was great and easy to work with without the usual BS. I would recommend and buy again. Price was definitely the main reason to do business however everything else involving the purchase was really good.
- Fred
Mullinax Ford in Lake Park, FL
yelp-reviewsI bought a used 2011 Ford Edge Thursday from Mullinax Ford in Apopka and it was the best car buying experience I have ever had.  I shopped and researched a lot of SUV's and narrowed it down to three dealerships.  I actually had Mullinax last on my list because of their "No Hassle" pricing.  I have always enjoyed the haggling experience and felt I came away with great deals.  The 1st place I went to was the same old story...back and forth, with the salesman leaving and coming back with offers.  After none of them were close to where I needed to be...and of course, going in to talk to the sales manager, I thanked them and moved on.  The Mullinax vehicle interested me the most, so  I went there next.  What a pleasurable experience.  I lucked into a salesman named Justin Rodriguez, who was outstanding.  I was surprised at his youth, yet extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable.  It was a welcomed change to work with a younger salesman.  Let's face it, usually car salesmen are much older...especially since the economy cut back most newbies a few years ago.  I'm 52 years old, so it's not that I am in the young crowd.

The "No Hassle" Mullinax Ford Apopka experience has changed my way of thinking and buying cars.  At no time did I feel pressured. Since I had done my research, I already knew the car they were offering was at a very good price.  Justin was easy going, but offered many alternatives/options to think about.  Some I chose, some I didn't.  It was also great to have Justin all the way through the process.  He even handled the finance options and the final paperwork.  It was so nice not to leave the salesman and go to the Finance guy for another intense sales pitch like other dealers.  Mullinax was even able to beat my great pre-approved credit union rate.

I cannot recommend Mullinax Ford of Apopka higher, except to say if you can get Justin Rodriguez to be your salesman...you will leave a happy, relaxed and new (newer) car owner!
- John
Mullinax Ford in Apopka, FL
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