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dealer-raterMy vehicle purchasing experience with Mullinax Ford was very rewarding and actually fun! I knew what I was looking for and there was absolutely no pressure for me to hurry the process along and go with something else. DENNIS McCLUNG was my salesman and he was a pleasure to work with! THANKS
- Jesse
Mullinax Ford in Apopka, FL
dealer-raterI just Leased my new Ford 2014 Focus from Mullinax WPB. I could not be happier! Their "Up-Front" one price process with no Dealer Fees was absolutely the easiest and fastest car buying experience I have ever had. Thanks Mullinax ! The process was simple. Price on the window no hidden extras, The Sync phone system is the best on the market. Every Dealer should operate this way.
- Joe
Mullinax Ford in Lake Park, FL
cars-reviewsI was very pleased buying my vehicle from Mullinax Ford. There was hardly no haggling and the process was the smoothest I have ever had buying a vehicle. We didn't even have to stay at the dealership for hours! This was a plus since we where from outta town and had other business to tend too. We didn't have time to stay all day.
- Staci
Mullinax Ford in Mobile, AL
dealer-raterI had a great experience at the dealership. They made the transaction easy and headache free. Ken Maltman did a great job following up after the purchase and also making the transaction simple. I would highly recommend Ken, this is the fourth vehicle we have purchased from Mullinax.
- Derrick
Mullinax Ford in Lake Park, FL
dealer-raterThe service Ray provide was great. He explained the difference between leasing vs buying in a way the was very easy to follow. I would recommend this dealership as my brother did to me. Great service and friendly atmosphere.

- Ronald
Mullinax Ford in Lake Park, FL
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